The CrossFit Surfaces™ Games System Platform is made from the same material as the CrossFit Games surface.

When space or budget won’t allow for a wall to wall installation, the Games System Platform offers a spacious 7’6” x 6’ lifting area with enhanced “Safe Step” traction. The impact and noise mitigating 18mm rubber with ShokLok impact zones provide a stable and comfortable surface that doesn’t impede heavy lifting performance.

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SurfaceCo Safety Cell Technology
Made in the USA
Official Crossfit Surface


The GamesSystem Platform comes in two interlocking segments for easier installation and your choice of Black or 30% Grey. Just like every Games System product, the platform is constructed from recycled vulcanized rubber with 100% closed “Safety Cell” technology so users can be confident that moisture and bacterial /viral content is easily cleaned away.

7'6" x 6'
Games System Platform
2 piece mat

18mm Vulcanized Rubber with Beveled Edges

18mm Vulcanized Rubber with Beveled Edges
ShokLok Impact Zones / Superior Impact & Noise Mitigation

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