The CrossFit Games® are no joke — it’s where the world’s fittest athletes come to showcase their strength and abilities. They’re giving their all, so it’s only right to give them the best of the best when it comes to their workout environment.

Durability, safety and comfort meet in the CrossFit Surfaces™ GAMES SYSTEM. Engineered to withstand the toughest indoor or outdoor workouts, the closed “Safe-Cell” construction is anti-microbial, and is the optimal choice for the most dedicated athletes in the world. The Games System offers a modular loose lay interlocking system of durable 18mm (3/4") re-vulcanized rubber — built to enhance traction, absorb impact and mitigate noise.

So go ahead — slam the weights, do the handstand and sweat your heart out. The CrossFit Surfaces Games System by SurfaceCo has your back.

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18mm Interlocking Rubber Tiles
SurfaceCo Safety Cell Technology
Made in the USA
Official Crossfit Surface
Heavy Duty
High Tensile
Interlocking Product
Closed Cell
Anti Microbial
Made in the USA
Force Reduction Energy Restitution


  • Modular Loose Lay Interlocking System
  • Enhanced Traction In Wet Environments
  • Anti-Fungal/Anti-Microbial Closed Cell Material
  • Durable Vulcanized Rubber
  • Impact Zone Design Provides Superior Impact and Noise Mitigation

Available With & Without Edges

Universal Tile
Beveled Edge
Beveled Corner

Color Options

Download Games System Brochure

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