Premium Fitness Turf

Ellevate turf is a premium sports turf. ELEVATE is made from a nylon thatch that creates a comfortable non-abrasive surface that is perfect for both upright and floor exercises. The unique backing system prevents tuft loss while the attached padding provides a level of comfort for users not available in most sports turf. ELEVATE is an infill free product that can be cleaned and sanitized, making it one of the safest workout surfaces for facilities. Available in green with the option for custom in-laid graphics, that unlike painted graphics, never need to be replaced or refreshed. ELEVATE comes in fifteen foot rolls and has an incredible 8 YEAR WARRANTY!

Made In USA
No Infill
Foam Backing
Rolled Product
Adhesive Installation
High Aesthetics
Yarn Description Slit film/Nylon thatch
Melt Point (Tape) 120° C
Melt Point (Spikezone) 220° C
Linear Density (Denier, Tape)* 8,000
Linear Density (Denier, Nylon) 4,400
Specific Gravity (Tape) 0.945 g/cc
Specific Gravity (Nylon) 1.15 g/cc
Thickness (Tape) 100 microns
Thickness (Nylon) 100 microns
Yarn Break Strength (Tape) 16 lb-F
Yarn Break Strength (Nylon) 20 lb-F
Yarn Elongation (Tape) 50%
Yarn Elongation (Nylon) 50%
Total Lead Content (Tape) < 100 ppm
Total Lead Content (Nylon) < 100 ppm
Total Weight* 134 oz/yd2
Pile Weight* 48 oz/yd2
Primary Backing Weight* 6 oz/yd2
Secondary Backing Weight** 80 oz/yd2
Average Pile Height* 0.75”
Colors Field Green
Average Tuft Bind Strength > 6.8 lb-F
Average Breaking Strength > 150 lb-F
Stitches Per Inch as needed
Gauge 1/4
Pill Flammability 8 of 8 pass
Abrasive Index < 35
Infiltration Rate > 14 in / hr
Football Shoe Traction (Dry) Initiate 1.0 Slide 0.8
Football Shoe Traction (Wet) Initiate 1.0 Slide 0.8
Soccer Shoe Traction (Dry) Initiate 1.0 Slide 0.8
Soccer Shoe Traction (Wet) Initiate 1.0 Slide 0.8
Average Soccer Ball Rebound > 0.6 m
Average G-Max < 200

Except where noted as a minimum or maximum, the above specifications are normal.

* All values are ± 5%

** All values are ± 3 oz/yd2

A 20% restocking fee plus shipping cost will apply to all returned turf rolls. Only uncut rolls can be returned.