Premium Turf

ShokTurf MAX is made from a polyethylene and nylon blend that creates a comfortable non-abrasive surface that is perfect for both upright and floor exercises. The proprietary polyurethane backing prevents tuft loss while the fleece foam padding provides a level of comfort for users not available in most sports turf. ShokTurf MAX is an infill free product that can be cleaned and sanitized, making it one of the safest workout surfaces for facilities. Available in nine colors with the option for custom in-laid graphics, that unlike painted graphics, never need to be replaced or refreshed. ShokTurf MAX comes in 15' rolls and can be cut to size before shipping to fit any area.

Made In USA
No Infill
Foam Backing
Rolled Product
Adhesive Installation
High Aesthetics


ShokTurf MAX is a premium indoor fitness solution that is built to hold up to the abuse that functional training puts on a surface. It has a high resiliency to slamming, jumping and sled pulling while also being nonabrasive and very comfortable for ground based activities and high traction for sure footedness. Velcro can be added for temporary installations and zero infill is required.

Full range of markings and logos can be inlaid with a full spectrum of colors replacing the need to paint and repaint markings over the life of the surface. ShokTurf MAX will also hold up to outdoor installations on solid concrete and asphalt bases with drainage considerations in place. No infill means easier maintenance and up to 10% cooler outdoors.

  • High Traction
  • High Sled Resiliency
  • In-Laid Graphics/Logos
  • Non-Abrasive
  • 9 Colors

Color Options

A 20% restocking fee plus shipping cost will apply to all returned turf rolls.
Only uncut and bagged rolls can be returned.

Lead time for standard rolls is 20 business days.
Lead time for custom graphic rolls is 40 business days.

Property Description
Primary/Stalk Yarn Polymer 52% Polyethylene
Secondary/Thatch Yarn Polymer 48% Nylon
Yarn Cross Section Polyethylene Slit-Film/Texturized Nylon
Standard Colors Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Black, White, Orange, Purple
UV Stabilized Yes
Fabric Construction Tufted
Primary Backing Dual layered Woven
Coating Type(s) Proprietary Polyurethane or 5mm Polyurethane Foam w/fleece
Perforations Custom only
Recommended Infill N/A
Pile Height 3/4”
Pile Weight 40 oz.
Fabric Width 15'