Elite Interlocking Tiles

Guardian Versatile 6MM Elite Rubber tiles offer the ideal combination of durability, safety and designer appeal in the gym, office, or commercial space. Utilizing a performance tuned dual layer vulcanization system, Guardian Versatile 6MM Elite Rubber tiles provide a comfortable feel with high levels of traction, comfort and strength. The closed cell construction allows for easy maintenance and effective disinfection while keeping your facility looking great even after years of use and high traffic.

  • High Tensile Strength for greater durability
  • Closed Cell Structure for easier cleaning and disinfecting
  • Zero Rubber Odor
  • Anti bacterial and Anti Fungal
  • Vibrant Colors for incredible appearance

The system also utilizes the patent pending MASS interlocking system which allows these tiles to be used with our Guardian Versatile System to design incredible spaces while also providing a cost reducing mix and match of products in the system.

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Dual Vulcanized Rubber

1. Cushioned Bonded Underlayment
Comfort & Force Reduction

2. Vulcanized Top Layer
Closed Cell
High Tensile Strength

Heavy Duty
High Tensile
Interlocking Product
Closed Cell
Low/No Odor
High Aesthetics


Color Options

Download Guardian Versatile 6MM Elite Brochure

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