Made in America’s Heartland for over 50 Years, The Original Stall Mat is built to last in the harshest environments. Constructed of re-vulcanized recycled tire rubber, The Original Stall Mat is stronger and safer than other urethane bound stall mats and offers a traction enhancing pebble top surface with grooved evacuation channels along the bottom to minimize the containment of moisture and improve air flow.

The re-vulcanization process uses a high heat and pressure mold and chemical rebonding to create a non-permeable surface that is easily cleaned, maintained and disinfected that also has a tensile strength 4 times stronger than urethane bound mats. This process results in a mat that can protect both your facility and users in the most dynamic conditions and puts it in high demand across both the equine and recreation markets.

Each mat is ¾” thick and trimmed to four trued edges that measures 71”x47” and allows for easy, no gap, wall to wall installation. Each mat weighs about 94lbs and has a random speckle pattern that helps hide dust and footprints. These mats are produced using our own internally recycled rubber allowing us to create a 100% zero waste material process.

AFA Approved

Our product has been tested and approved by the American Ferrier Association to be used for all hot or cold shoeing processes, and our mats are used at all AFA shoeing competitions. HUMANE Mats are durable, antibacterial, easy to install and economical.

  • Heavy Duty 3/4" (18mm) Construction
  • 4’x6’ (47”x71”) Oversized Trued Edge Mat
  • 100% Closed Cell Structure
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Textured Pebble Top Surface
  • Air Channel Anti-Moisture Bottom
Straight Edge Mat Thickness

Mat Size

4x6 (47”x71”)

3/4" Pebble Top